Ellison Barber: New Benghazi Polls Show American People Want the Truth


Staff writer for The Washington Free Beacon Ellison Barber said new polls show an increasing number of Americans feel the Obama administration mislead the public following the September, 11 2012 Benghazi terrorist attacks.

Barber said the the Fox poll is hardly surprising considering how the public's view of Benghazi is trending.

"If you think back to a Quinnipiac poll that came out in January of this year, 52 percent said they felt the administration had mislead the American public on this event. When they first did that poll in 2012 in December, it was around 41 percent. A year later in 2013 you had 46 percent saying it, and now you have 52 percent," she said.

In response to Susan Rice dismissing the new Benghazi Select Committee, Barber said failing to further investigate the attack would be a disservice considering a majority of Americans believe the administration was not forthcoming on the attack.

"I think you can make a good argument that lawmakers would be doing a disservice to their constituents by not further investigating it when you see the majority of people are asking essentially that they do keep looking at it."

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