Cruz: ‘Under No Circumstances Should We Be Partnering With Iran’


Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) strongly condemned the idea of the U.S. working with Iran to stop the terrorist group ISIL from taking over Iraq Tuesday.

"Under no circumstances should we be partnering with Iran," Cruz said on CNN's OutFront. "I agree with Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the current deal the Obama administration is negotiating with Iran is a very, very bad deal. It is a historic mistake."

Former CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell similarly slammed the idea on CBS Monday, saying "we need to keep the Iranians out of this" and stop them from gaining a potential foothold in Iraq, even if to combat a mutual enemy.

"The regime in Iran is an enemy as well," Cruz said. "They refer to Israel as the ‘Little Satan' and America as the ‘Great Satan.'"

Cruz also discussed Benghazi during the wide-ranging interview with Erin Burnett, saying he was glad Hillary Clinton told Fox News there were still answers to be found in the terrorist attack but adding the former Secretary of State consistently viewed Benghazi through the "lens of partisan politics."

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