Carney Can’t Answer Why Supposed Non-Beghazi Email Was In Benghazi FOIA


White House Press Secretary Jay Carney dodged questions from Fox News’ Ed Henry regarding why the supposed non-Benghazi email was included in the emails the White House turned over to Judicial Watch.

Henry asked Carney, "If the email was not about Benghazi, you said yesterday and you say again today, why did the White House turn it over to a conservative group seeking information about Benghazi?"

Carney responded bluntly, instructing Henry to ask the State Department about how they responded to the FOIA requests. "All you have to do is read it, Ed," Carney told him.

Henry asked again, "So if it’s not about Benghazi, why turn it over in a Benghazi suit?" Carney repeated his previous response, this time adding that the new controversy about the emails "is a conspiracy."

Henry asked a third time and final time, to which Carney responded that the matter should be taken up with the State Department, not him.