Big Eddie: ‘Obama’s Way is Working’ in Iraq

ISIL has seized Iraq's largest oil refinery


MSNBC host Ed Schultz declared President Obama's foreign policy to be just about perfect Wednesday night on The Ed Show.

That included the situation in Iraq, where Schultz declared Obama's "way is working" as the terrorist organization ISIL threatens to take over the country, capturing Iraq's largest oil refinery Wednesday. Obama withdrew the last American troops at the end of 2011, and administration officials said the security situation was strong there and predicted Iraq was poised to be a political and economic leader in the Middle East.

Schultz also praised Obama on Syria, where the country continues to be wracked by civil war and was the source of criticism from within Obama's own administration for feckless policy and a shifting "red line."

"This president deserves the benefit of the doubt," Schultz said. "It was the right call in Libya. It was the right call in Egypt. It was the right call in Syria. We have not been hit, and counterterrorism measures are working to protect this country, and the fact is that their way didn't work. President Obama's way is working."