Obamacare Exchange in California Sends Deaf Callers to a Sex Hotline


Deaf Californians hoping to enroll in Obamacare the day before the deadline were not offered with help to sign up; rather, they were sent to a hotline offering help to connect them with "Hot Ladies," CBS Sacramento reports.

Jeff Brown attempted to sign up for Obamacare last minute on Monday. After completing his application, he was informed that he needed to call a 1-800 number. When he dialed it, he just got a busy signal. With only hours left until the deadline, he called the number next to the first number. It was a TTY number designated for the hearing impaired.

When he called, a recording told him "Welcome to America's hottest talk line. Ladies, to talk to interesting and exciting guys free, press one now. Guys, hot ladies are waiting to talk to you. Press two to connect free now."

A spokesperson from Covered California denied the mistake at first, before finally admitting that after investigation, they had discovered the incorrect number and were actively working to fix it.

Brown told CBS Sacramento, "I guess it's an honest mistake, but websites aren't that hard to keep up right."