Eugene Robinson on Jeff Bezos: “There are rich guys and there are rich guys”


JOE SCARBOROUGH: Gene, this has happened before. This has been happening for couple of years. Rich guys lots of money, Sam Zell goes in says I’m going to buy the Tribune. And it’s just a disaster, a disaster for him, disaster for the company. And again, we can it talk aboutBarry Diller who knew quickly weekly magazines were going be an extraordinary challenge. I just wonder what's going to be different here, other than the fact you write a column at the "Washington Post" which gives us all hope for journalism.

EUGENE ROBINSON thanks, Joe. I hope that does play my own small part in this. There are rich guys and there are rich guys. Jeff Bezos, I understand is a prince among men. That’s what I hear from the press as you well know. He’s a great disrupter. He reinvented publishing. He reinvented retailing. So I think he's.