Stephen Glass Denied Law License


Stephen Glass—the disgraced New Republic journalist who fabricated dozens of reports and was the subject of the film Shattered Glass, a chronicle of said fabrications—was denied a license to practice law in the state of California on Monday.

According to Politico,

In 2006, Glass passed the California bar examination and filed an application for "determination of moral character" the year after. That review, which the California State Bar released on Monday, involved an examination of all of Glass's articles, "as well as the editorials The New Republic and other journals published to identify his fabrications."

The 35-page document, which reads as an indictment of all of Glass's journalistic wrongdoings, ultimately identified fabrications that Glass "previously had denied or failed to disclose," according to Monday's court statement. The Court also found that Glass had not been forthright in acknowledging the defects in his application to the New York bar in 2002, which he withdrew.