Mayo Clinic CEO On The Negatives Of Obamacare

'There may be more out of pocket expenses'


Dr. John Noseworthy, the President and CEO of the Mayo Clinic appeared on MSNBC's Morning Joe to discuss Obamacare. Dr. Noseworthy was asked about the negatives effects and he suggested there may be more out of pocket expenses for the consumer.

Transcript of the Dr. Noseworthy and Donny Deutsch exchange below:

DONNY DEUTSCH: What should I be worried about. Create one scenario where, okay, we don't love it.

DR. JOHN NOSEWORTHY: Consumers need to make sure the premiums, that doesn't cover everything. The premiums are simply what —

DEUTSCH: What were you able to do that I walk in, get a three-day mayo complete work overs. What can't you give me now for the same thing?

DR. JOHN NOSEWORTHY: Well there may be more out of pocket expense for you. You always would and will get what you need. But if your new product doesn't cover Mayo care you may have to cover it out of pocket if you're not covered.