Liberalism in America

Protesters sit at the intersection of Wall St. and Broad St. in New York, Monday, Sept. 22, 2014

“The left is intellectually dead, and where it is headed toward is authoritarianism.”

Thus began the bleak remarks of Kevin Williamson, National Review’s roving correspondent, at an event this week in Washington called “Where is liberalism going?” hosted by the Heritage Foundation.

The discussion focused more on where the left would like to go than where it will actually go. According to Williamson and other panelists—David Azerrad of the Heritage Foundation and William Voegeli of the Claremont Review of Books, with the discussion moderated by Ben Domenech of the Federalist—the left’s agenda is the destruction of the American regime of constitutional, democratic self-government.

The God of Liberalism

Rembrandt van Rijn, The Apostle Paul, 1957 / National Gallery of Ary

In its thousands of pages, Obamacare contains the heart of the progressive vision for how society should work. A central premise of Obamacare is that everybody should have access to healthcare regardless of income or personal circumstances. Individuals do not have to rely on others to gain access to a basic life necessity; the government supplies what they need. Individuals have both the autonomy that comes from being independent from other people and the security of the government-provided benefit.

Roadblock to Health Care Reform


Despite the Obama administration’s declaration of victory in the Obamacare Wars, Republicans still vehemently oppose the law. House Republicans have voted to repeal the law scores of times, top Republican leaders are calling the law a “disaster” and a “catastrophic failure,” and Republicans are expected to campaign heavily on the law’s flaws in this fall’s midterm elections.