Iran Fines U.S. Administration $50 Billion

Hassan Rouhani

An Iranian court on Monday issued a ruling fining the United States $50 billion for purported damages against the Islamic Republic and its citizens, according to an announcement by Iran’s Judiciary.

Iran: Nuclear Deal in Line With Khamenei’s Demands

Ali Khamenei

Iranian sources familiar with the details of a final agreement scheduled to be announced on Monday said sanctions and an arms embargo against Iran will be lifted and restrictions on its nuclear activity will only be “temporary” in a deal that falls “within the redlines” laid out by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, according to Iran’s state-controlled media.

Pro-Tehran Lobby Demands Iran Be Given Ballistic Missiles

Iranian missile launch / AP

An pro-Tehran advocacy group long accused of concealing illicit ties to the Iranian regime is lobbying Congress in support of a demand by Iran that America repeal a United Nations arms embargo limiting the Islamic Republic’s ability to stockpile arms, including ballistic missiles, which could be used to carry nuclear payloads, according to a copy of an email sent by the group to various lawmakers.

Iran ‘Shouts Hatred’ for Israel, Backs Palestinian Terror

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani / AP

VIENNA—Iranian President Hassan Rouhani urged the entire country to “shout its hatred for the Zionists” and back Palestinian efforts to violently seize territory from Israel, according to comments made on Wednesday in celebration of Quds Day, which marks the last Friday in Ramadan and has historically been used to tout Palestinian violence against the Jewish state.

White House Instructs Allies To Lean On ‘Jewish Community’ to Force Iran Deal

J Street logo

VIENNA—The White House appears to be targeting Jewish groups in its latest push to blunt congressional criticism of an Iran deal that observers expect to be sealed in the coming days, according to a recording of a strategy conference call obtained by the Washington Free Beacon and experts familiar with the call.

White House Officials Plot Ways to Pressure Lawmakers Into Supporting Iran Deal


VIENNA—White House officials on Monday held a private conference call with liberal organizations to help plot ways to pressure Democrats and other lawmakers on Capitol Hill into supporting a nuclear deal with Iran that is expected to be finalized in the coming days, according to an audio recording of that call obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.