Congress Votes to Ban Further ‘Ransom Payments’ to Iran

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy / AP

An overwhelming number of lawmakers voted Thursday evening in favor of legislation that would legally bar the Obama administration from making further cash payments to Iran amid a congressional investigation into how the White House secretly sent nearly $2 billion in U.S. taxpayer dollars to Tehran in what many have described as a ransom payment.

Obama Admin Seeks Pathway for Future ‘Ransom Payments’ to Iran

John Kerry

The Obama administration is pushing a pathway to ensure that it can continue sending Iran cash payments amid mounting accusations it laundered some $1.7 billion to the Islamic Republic as part of “ransom payment” to free U.S. hostages earlier this year, according to statements by the White House and sources familiar with the matter.

The White House late Wednesday promised to veto new legislation—first disclosed by the Washington Free Beacon—that would bar the administration from making “future ransom payments to Iran,” according to a statement that has drawn outrage from key members of Congress who have been investigating how U.S. officials delivered nearly $2 billion in cash to Iranian officials.

Congress Prepares to Counter Obama Admin’s Anti-Israel Push at U.N.

President Obama delivers his final address at the UN / AP

Congress is laying the groundwork to counter Obama administration efforts to censure Israel at the United Nations, according to lawmakers and senior congressional sources who told the Washington Free Beacon that leading Republican senators have broken with Democrats due to their efforts to coerce Israel into accepting a flawed peace plan with the Palestinians.

Obama Admin ‘Laundered’ U.S. Cash to Iran Via N.Y. Fed, Euro Banks

John Kerry, Javad Zarif / AP

A member of the House Intelligence Committee is accusing the Obama administration of laundering some $1.7 billion in U.S. taxpayer dollars to Iran through a complicated network that included the New York Federal Reserve and several European banks, according to conversations with sources and new information obtained by the lawmaker and viewed by the Washington Free Beacon.