Obama Admin Considers Permitting Advanced Russian Arms Sales to Iran

Iran S-300

The Obama administration has the power to sanction key Russian arms sales to Iran, but has so far abstained from exercising this right under U.S. law, prompting some in Congress to question whether the administration is “acquiescing” to the arms sales in order to appease Iran, according to conversations with sources and recent congressional correspondence to the White House exclusively obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Media Outlet Funded by Pro-Iran Deal ‘Echo Chamber’ Group Silenced Top Deal Critic

Mike Pompeo

A prominent media outlet that received money from a White House-backed group of Iran deal advocates refused interviews with a top congressional critic of last summer’s nuclear agreement, deepening accusations that the Obama administration and its allies suppressed voices opposing the deal, according to conversations with sources and a series of emails viewed by the Washington Free Beacon.

Members of Wealthy Saudi Family Emerge as Clinton Foundation, Dem Donors

Nasser al-Rashid / University of Texas-Austin web site

A wealthy family closely aligned with Saudi Arabia’s ruling family has emerged a key donor to both the Clinton Foundation and prominent Democrats, despite the clan’s involvement in a domestic violence case, which they have sought to sweep under the rug, according to police reports and funding documents viewed by the Washington Free Beacon.