Sharpton’s SUV Impounded

Blueberry pie on the face

February 17, 2012

The Rev. Al Sharpton recently got caught with blueberry pie all over his face when his SUV got towed from New York’s La Guardia airport, the New York Post reports.

Sharpton apparently pleaded with Port Authority cops to prevent the impounding, but to no avail.

The paper details the episode:

An officer rolled up on the 2008 Lincoln Navigator at around 2 p.m. outside the Delta and US Airways terminal as the MSNBC host’s driver waited to pick him up in a clearly marked "no standing" zone, said PA Police spokesman Al Della Fave.

PAPD cop Oscar Ruiz asked the driver for his paperwork and quickly discovered that the SUV had a suspended registration "due to lack of insurance," the spokesman said.

At that point, Sharpton emerged from the terminal after a flight from Washington, DC, and raised holy hell over the situation.

A source told the NYPost that Sharpton soon exploded with anger.

"He begins yelling, saying the cop was just doing this because of who he was," a source told the paper.

The cops did not buy it, citing the vehicle for three infractions, including illegal parking, lack of insurance, and suspended registration, according to the report.

When contacted by NYPost for comment, the MSNBC host seemed a bit more relaxed.

"‘It ain’t my problem,’ Sharpton joked, pointing out that he gets driven in cars registered to his media company. ‘I just called another car. I keep on rolling,’" he told the paper.