Pelosi: One of NBC's Priorities Is to 'Undermine My Prospects as Speaker'

August 12, 2018

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) said on Sunday that one of the priorities of NBC is to undermine her prospects to be speaker of the House again.

Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart, who filled in for anchor Joy Reid on NBC's sister network MSNBC, asked Pelosi whether she would consider allowing another Democrat to take over as the leader in the House. She responded by going straight at NBC's journalistic practices.

"First of all, I know NBC has been on a jag, this is one of their priorities to undermine my prospects as speaker," Pelosi said.

Capehart asked Pelosi about the growing number of Democrats who are running for Congress who've publicly stated they wouldn't support Pelosi becoming speaker. NBC News reported that over 50 Democratic candidates are opposing Pelosi, including nine incumbents.

Pelosi continued to say Republicans focus their attacks on her because they are afraid of her, and she listed reasons why she is the best person for the job if Democrats retake the House.

"I do not think our opponents should select the leaders of our party. The Republicans are spending millions, tens of millions of dollars against me because they're afraid of me," Pelosi said. "Because I out-raise them in the political arena, because I outsmart them at the negotiating table, and because I'm a woman who is going to be a seat at that table.

"If Hillary Clinton had won and sat at the head of that table, it would be different, but I'm not yielding that," she added. "Now I do believe none of us is indispensable, but I think I'm the best person for the job, and I won't let the Republican ads, which are just flooding these districts—and I say to candidates, do whatever you have to do. Just win, baby."

Capehart tried to tie Pelosi's high disapproval ratings to her gender by comparing her to McConnell and how he has similar high disapproval numbers. He then went on to ask Pelosi if she foresaw a scenario where she would not seek the speakership if Democrats win the majority.

Pelosi responded by attacking NBC again.

"That's the least important question of all, with all due respect," Pelosi responded. "It's an NBC question, I know, because that's a jag you all are on."

Pelosi has often snapped at reporters and attacked them for asking what she perceives as unfair questions.

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