Mainstream Media Reveals the Real Heroes of Flynn Resignation News Cycle: The Mainstream Media

February 15, 2017

In the wake of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn's resignation, the mainstream media reveals who the true heroes are; it's themselves. After an eight year vacation, journalists are able to do investigative reporting.

Flynn announced his resignation late Monday night after it was discovered that he misled Vice-President Mike Pence on his communications with Russian officials.

Since Flynn's resignation, reporters couldn't stop giving themselves enough credit for their investigative reporting.

"This is a big moment for investigative journalism," CNN host Brian Stelter said.

"It's the leaks and great journalism that lead to what we are talking about," CNN host Brooke Baldwin said.

"Others might be looking at it as the press having scored some points against this White House," CNN senior political reporter Nia-Malika Henderson said.

"What we are seeing play out on the pages of the New York Times and the Washington Post, that's real journalism. Thats real reporting. And that's a real public service to this country," columnist Mike Barnicle said.

Reporters are apparently listening to CNN anchor Christiane Amanpour, who stated shortly after Trump's victory that reporters commit to real journalism.

However, the self-congratulations arrive after the mix of inaccuracies and fake news that have become too customary in the Trump era reporting world. Washington Examiner reporter Becket Adams compiled a list of all the media's reporting mistakes since Trump won the election.

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