'Classy' Women Try to Send Giant Vagina to White House

Stuffed with letters asking, 'Why are you so mean?'

Protestors at the January Women's March / Getty Images
March 24, 2017

"Classy" women are sending a giant replica of the female reproductive anatomy stuffed with letters asking President Donald Trump, "Why are you so mean?"

"This giant vagina is being sent to President Trump stuffed with letters from concerned women all over the world," reported Now This News.

The company On Mogul, an online platform for women, started the "#ReadMyLips" campaign with 24 universities. Mogul's vice president of "content and community" said sending a large vagina to the White House is "very classy."

"We wanted this to be a gift that he would be excited about receiving, but in a very classy, classy, classy—I can’t express classy enough—way," said Mogul's Bethany Heinrich.

Mogul is collecting messages on its website to print out and put in the large replica vagina and said they want to deliver the package on April 22, which happens to be Earth Day.

"Young women are the future, I always say that," said Juli Szaller, another vice president at Mogul who handles operations and growth. "It's really important for them that their voices are being heard. And it should be important for us. We should listen."

"Just because Trump is our president doesn’t mean we are not entitled to say what we think," said Christie Hartono, a student at Stanford University, who is participating in the campaign.

Heinrich hopes the large vagina will "drive the point home for him in a good, fun way." "And I hope that he has a sense of humor," she added. "I really hope he enjoys it."

India Today called the idea "all sorts of genius."

"Yes, we aren’t bluffing. An initiative both creative and genius, #ReadMyLips, wants Donald Trump’s attention, and it wants it now," the outlet reported.

Mogul recruited a former Saturday Night Live "specialty-prop fabricator" to create the large vagina, the Huffington Post reported.

A sampling of some of the messages to Trump posted on Mogul's website includes "Keep your filthy paws off my silky laws," from a woman wearing a pink cat hat that has been described as transphobic.

"Mr Trump: Why are you so mean?" read a message from Finland. "Specially to women, but all in, everybody. Why do you want to devastate our planet? Shame on you!!!"

Another user wrote President Trump is "not my president," and called the president "classist, racist, [and] misogynistic."

One woman used the website to mock the campaign, calling the letters "hedonistic," while arguing that the women’s liberation movement has caused women to be unhappy.

"Women are less happy now than they have ever been. Back in the 1950s and '60s before the women's liberation movement they were happier than men," the woman wrote. "What happened?"

"Women are unhappy because their 'liberation' has made them into nothing more than failed men," she said. "They now exist to be mindless cubicle drones just like men, but this just isn’t something they’re predisposed towards. They're leaving childbirth and family behind to have careers just like men."

"They're unhappy because they're all ignoring what would actually make them happy: having a family," the user said.

The woman concluded by asking Trump to ignore the "passive aggressive" letters from feminists.

"I am asking that you ignore the hedonistic pleas, or more accurately inane demands made in sarcastic, passive-aggressive letters written to you, because the people demanding these things either refuse to see the bigger picture and accept that the short-term pleasures gained through their liberation are often met with long-term despair, or simply don't care about their own futures and the futures of their fellow women," she said.

Another conservative woman used the campaign to say, "Make America Great Again."

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