CBS Anchor Amused at Hillary Clinton's Spin over Aide's Immunity: 'You See This As Good News?'

March 6, 2016

CBS Face The Nation anchor John Dickerson was visibly amused at Hillary Clinton's positive spin Sunday over the granting of immunity to the aide who set up her private email server, asking with a smile, "You see this as good news?"

Bryan Pagliano was granted immunity by the Department of Justice for his cooperation in the criminal investigation into Clinton's private server while secretary of state, a scandal that has hung over the entirety of her 2016 presidential campaign. Nevertheless, Clinton and her surrogates have continually put a happy face on the proceedings.

"When this happens, I talk to Democrats, and they worry that somebody is going to get indicted," Dickerson said.

Clinton referred to the investigation as a "security review" as she responded.

"Well, there is no basis for that," Clinton said. "It's a security review. I'm delighted that he has agreed to cooperate, as everyone else has, and I think we'll be moving toward a resolution of this."

"So you see this as good news? You see this as good news?" Dickerson asked incredulously.

"Yeah, I do. Absolutely," Clinton said. "I think we're getting closer and closer to wrapping this up. I also know that there were reports today about the hundreds of officials and the thousand emails that they were sending back and forth that have been looked at and classified retroactively. This really raises serious questions about this whole process, I think."

Clinton said she'd been "more transparent than anybody I can think of" in public life with her call to release her emails. Friday on CNBC, she said she'd been the most transparent public official in modern times, in spite of her secrecy about highly paid speeches to Wall Street and the deletion of thousands of emails from her server.

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