American Airlines Flights Ground Stopped Amid Computer Problems

American Airlines plane
Wikimedia Commons

American Airlines flights across the country were ground stopped Thursday as the airline experienced computer problems, the Federal Aviation Administration said.

According to CNBC, the airline reported Thursday afternoon that its computers had come back online after a widespread outage.

Earlier Thursday, a spokesman for American Airlines said that all domestic flights leaving from Dallas-Fort Worth, Chicago O’Hare, and Miami airports had been stopped. The airline has been responding to perplexed customers on Twitter, citing "technical issues."

The FAA wrote on Twitter Thursday afternoon, "FAA Air Traffic Alert: requested a ground stop for all of their traffic in and out of DFW/ORD/MIA due to their computer issue."

The incident comes two months after United Airlines was forced to ground all domestic and international flights for upwards of an hour because of a computer glitch.