Florida Man Angry Kamala Harris Visited Restaurant

Venezuelan owner says he would have said no to campaign’s visit

Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris’s unplanned visit to a Venezuelan restaurant last week ended with the restaurant owner saying that Harris was not welcome in the restaurant.

Iran Says It Is Ready to Continue Fuel Shipments to Venezuela

DUBAI (Reuters) – Iran will continue fuel shipments to Venezuela if Caracas requests more supplies, the Iranian foreign ministry spokesman said on Monday, despite Washington’s criticism of the trade between the two nations, which are both under U.S. sanctions.

U.S., Iran Approach Showdown Over Oil Tankers Headed for Venezuela

Trump admin weighs war against enforcing ‘max pressure’ on Iran, Venezuela

The United States "will not tolerate continued meddling" by Iran in Venezuelan affairs, a senior Trump administration official told the Washington Free Beacon, bringing nearer the possibility of a naval confrontation between the United States and Tehran over its shipment of oil to the heavily sanctioned Maduro regime.