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Union Activists Plan to Crash Yale Graduation

Group pledges to join hunger-striking grad students to fight 'unionbusting'

Graduate students and labor activists from across the country plan to picket Yale's graduation ceremony on Monday in support of graduate students trying to form a union.

Union Activists Sign on to Pro-Minimum-Wage-Hike Bill

Many unions would benefit from bump to the minimum wage

A letter supporting a minimum wage hike being circulated by the George Soros-funded Economic Policy Institute that purports to represent the views of leading academics has been signed by a number of economists who work for labor unions and leftwing special interest groups.

Controversial Nonprofit Receives CDC Grant

Grant designed to increase health outcomes could benefit union-supported trade organization

A controversial nonprofit organization that critics accuse of acting as a labor front group received a lucrative grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in March.

Pritzker’s Billions

Hyatt heiress faces tough questions during Commerce confirmation hearing

The billionaire heiress and major campaign donor tapped by President Barack Obama to head the Department of Commerce faced tough questions from Republicans about a failed bank owned by her family at her confirmation hearing on Thursday.

Unions Turn on Obamacare

Labor leader: president's claims about keeping insurance 'simply not true’

Three unions that spent more than $18 million to help Democrats during the 2012 campaign expressed concerns that Obamacare’s implementation will threaten worker benefits, with one group even calling for its repeal, according to the Hill. Labor leaders, including those who backed healthcare reform, accused President Barack Obama of deceiving them while he campaigned for the unpopular law in 2009.

Confessions of an Undocumented Reporter

FEATURE: A man without papers navigates the immigration rally

We were instructed to rise up out of the shadows. To band together, stand together, take our calloused hands and claw our way out of the shadows. To demand, to sit-in until the shadows had evaporated. Tens of thousands responded to the call, chanting “Si Se Puede.”