UNESCO Passes Resolution to Diminish Jewish, Christian Ties to Jerusalem

Vote comes after lawmakers demanded members oppose measure

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization passed a resolution on Thursday that diminishes the historic and spiritual connections of Judaism and Christianity to the city of Jerusalem after dozens of U.S. lawmakers called on the international body to reject the measure.

United Nations Organization Honors Che Guevara

U.N.: Guevara’s ‘life and works’ have ‘outstanding universal value’

The United Nations’ cultural body is facing a backlash after it decided to honor the “life and works” of the Marxist Argentinian militant Che Guevara, a controversial figure long viewed as a hero of the left.

Palestinians Pushing Agenda at UNESCO

Anti-Israel report issued by U.N. body that recognized ‘Palestine’

A controversial United Nations body that granted Palestine member status has falsely claimed that Israel is intentionally destroying holy sites in Jerusalem, prompting complaints from the United States, the Israeli government, and American Jewish groups.

U.N. Runs From Palestinian Nonprofit

UNESCO condemns group that published blood libel

The United Nations has condemned a Palestinian nonprofit that recently accused Jewish people of using “Christian blood” during the Passover seder.

Incitement to Hatred

Palestinian anti-Israel propaganda incurs no cost from United States, study shows

The Palestinian government’s routine use of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic propaganda “incurs no real cost from the United States, despite its nominal opposition and occasional pro forma protests against it,” according to a report recently released by the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, a think-tank close to the Obama administration.

Outrage in Turtle Bay

UNESCO declines to remove Syria from human rights committee

A United Nations body that came to prominence for unilaterally accepting the “State of Palestine” as a member has declined to remove Syria as a member of its human rights committee, despite that government’s continued slaughter of its citizens.