174 House Dems Vote Against Anti-Sexual-Predator Amendment

Dozens of Dems join GOP to prevent TSA from hiring people with sexual misconduct, terror convictions

Forty-two House Democrats bucked party leadership on Thursday to pass an amendment ensuring that individuals convicted of sex crimes, terrorism, and other violent offenses cannot be employed by the TSA.

Amtrak Passengers Fear Lax Security During Holiday Travel

Terror expert claims rail system scaling back security protocols

AmtrakAmtrak is reportedly cutting back on key security procedures ahead of the holiday travel season, sparking terror concerns as al Qaeda and ISIS continue to instruct its followers to target the U.S. rail system, according to a leading authority on terrorism.

Johnson Touts Improvements at TSA, But Problems Persist

New audit shows feds struggle to measure effectiveness of security reforms

Jeh JohnsonHomeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said Wednesday that DHS has reduced airport wait times “without compromising security,” but a government report released earlier in the day revealed ongoing vulnerabilities that continue to put travelers at risk.

Watchdog Exposes Weaknesses in TSA Oversight of Airport Security

Agency’s risk assessment out of date, does not address insider threats

TSA airport linesThe Transportation Security Administration, tasked with protecting the nation’s airports from terrorism and other threats, exhibits weaknesses in its oversight of commercial airport security, according to a new government watchdog report.

Transportation Security Opportunism

TSA union calls for massive hiring to address long wait times
as it negotiates new contract

The union representing TSA workers entered negotiations with the agency that are more focused on allowing workers to wear shorts than the staffing levels it now claims are responsible for wait times that have caused thousands of passengers to miss their flights.