Tax Hikes

House Democrats Change Rules to Make It Easier to Raise Taxes

Incoming rules chair: Democrats won't require three-fifths supermajority to approve income tax increases

Democratic Rep. Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) has yet to take the speaker's gavel of the U.S. House of Representatives, but Democrats are already laboring to make it easier to dismantle the achievements of the Trump presidency.

Minnesota Dem Brags About $2 Billion Tax Hike

GOP nominee Pete Stauber criticizes opponent's support for massive tax hike

Republican congressional hopeful Pete Stauber says that his Democratic opponent's support for a $2 billion tax hike could cost him in the midterm elections.

Gillum Wants 40 Percent Increase to Florida Corporate Tax

Boasts it won't be as high as California

Andrew GillumThe Democratic nominee for governor in Florida who ran a primary campaign claiming he was the only "true progressive" in the race is proposing a 40 percent hike in the state's corporate taxes, and is selling the idea in-part by comparing his proposed tax rates to California, one of the highest states for corporate taxation in the nation.