Priorities USA

Democrats Quickly Build Massive Network to Combat Voter ID Laws

Another nonprofit launched with overlapping board members of other prominent liberal groups to fight Republican efforts

Democrats are moving swiftly to build a large network to push back against voter identification laws after President Donald Trump claimed illegal immigrants gave Hillary Clinton the edge in the popular vote and called for a "major investigation" into potential voter fraud.

Clinton Campaign Chair Personally Thanked Super PAC Donors

Memo crafted by Priorities USA staffer advised John Podesta on how to avoid illegal coordination

John PodestaClinton campaign chairman John Podesta personally thanked high-dollar donors to a Democratic Super PAC with which the campaign is legally prohibited from coordinating, according to an internal campaign memo.

With Bush Out, Clinton Tops 2016 Super PAC Support

Pro-Clinton group Priorities USA rakes in $9.5 million from just six donors in January

With the Republican field winnowing and wealthy Democratic donors writing massive checks, Hillary Clinton now boasts the richest Super PAC of any presidential candidate.