China Expands Its Amphibious Forces in Challenge to U.S. Supremacy Beyond Asia

China's main aim is to project power far from home, but it is also strengthening its ability to invade Taiwan

HONG KONG - China launched its military build-up in the mid-1990s with a top priority: keep the United States at bay in any conflict by making the waters off the Chinese coast a death trap. Now, China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is preparing to challenge American power further afield.

Silicon Valley Spy Case Links ZTE, PLA to Stolen US Technology

Tianjin University professor on trial for stealing militarily-useful wireless secrets

China's major telecommunications firm ZTE was offered stolen American wireless technology used in filtering electronic signals from cell phones and military communications, according to court documents in a Chinese government-linked economic spy case.

Congress Seeks to Designate New Palestinian Gov’t as a Terror Org

New resolution pushes to cut aid, dissolve new Palestinian unity gov’t

House lawmakers are currently pushing a resolution to classify the newly formed Palestinian unity government as a foreign terrorist organization and cut off U.S. aid following the formation of a new ruling body that includes the terror group Hamas, according to a copy of the draft resolution obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Cyber Spies Spotted

Report: Chinese military cyber warfare units identified

China’s military is conducting extensive cyber warfare and spying operations through several electronic intelligence units, including a group identified for the first time called Beijing North Computing Center, according to a new report by a private research group.

The Huawei Connection

2008 Obama donor linked to embattled Chinese telecommunications company

A 2008 Obama donor who was considered for the position of secretary of Commerce has supported a joint project between his company and the embattled Chinese telecommunications company Huawei.

Panetta in Beijing

Defense secretary warns cyber attacks can cripple nation

Cyber warfare is a key future battleground and strategic attacks can cripple nations, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said in Beijing on Wednesday.

Chinese Missile Tests Continue

China conducts third long-range missile test in 4 weeks

China’s military continued its string of strategic missile flight tests on Monday by firing off a third intercontinental ballistic missile in four weeks, according to U.S. officials.