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Scholar Who Accused Israel of Genocide Will No Longer Lead University of Minnesota Holocaust Center—But May Become Professor as Consolation Prize

Following intense pressure, school pauses search for Holocaust center director until 2025-26 academic year

June 14, 2024

No Haven for Hamas

Column: End the ceasefire talk and let Israel defeat Hamas.

June 14, 2024

GOP Senators Press IRS To Revoke Tax-Exempt Status of 'Palestine Chronicle' Nonprofit Tied to Hamas Hostage Taker

'While Aljamal may have played a journalist by day, the evidence clearly suggests he was, at minimum, a Hamas collaborator,' letter says

June 12, 2024

Iran's Ties to the 'Palestine Chronicle'

Abdullah Aljamal, who held Israeli hostages, worked as journalist for an organization registered as a U.S. nonprofit. Here's what we know.

June 10, 2024

Columbia Law Review Board Buckles to Student Editors and Publishes Controversial Article

'Nakba' piece that said Jews 'capitalized on the Holocaust' subverted standard editing process

June 6, 2024

Controversial Columbia Law Review Article Subverted Standard Editing Process

Atypical editing process excluded Jewish students and led to board intervention

June 5, 2024

'Agitate, Educate, and Escalate': Columbia Students Behind Weekend Encampment Threaten 'Summer of Disruption'

'We know the people of Gaza … have sparked the student intifada,' student group says

June 3, 2024

Yale's New President Called In the Cops To Arrest Unauthorized Campus Protesters

As head of Stony Brook, Maurie McInnis survived censure vote after using police to disperse student protesters one day into illegal encampment

May 30, 2024