India and Pakistan on the Brink of Disaster

After the latest round of military strikes, the nuclear-armed neighbors must deescalate, or the conflict could become much more violent

The key question now is whether India and Pakistan will take further military action and escalate the crisis, or whether leaders will seek to restore calm.

A Cold Start to Nuclear War in South Asia

An Indian general provides the latest reminder that South Asia remains 'the most dangerous place' on Earth

It is easy to see how a large-scale terrorist attack on Indian soil tied to Pakistan, whose military and intelligence services have links to countless jihadist groups, could trigger Cold Start, which in turn could trigger Pakistan using a nuclear weapon. From there, who knows what would happen?

Pakistan Warns Afghan War Will Deteriorate Further if U.S. Abandons Partnership

Officials in Washington and Kabul have long held that Pakistan is playing a double game in Afghanistan

Aizaz Ahmad ChaudhryThe Pakistani ambassador to the United States on Monday cautioned the United States against abandoning its longstanding partnership with Islamabad amid increasingly strained relations, warning a break in cooperation would harm efforts to secure peace in Afghanistan.

Escalating Tensions Between U.S., Pakistan Risk Key Counterterrorism Alliance

Trump administration severed security-related aid over support for terrorism

Pakistani demonstrators take part in a protest against U.S. aid cutsPakistan has said it is no longer allied with the United States after the Trump administration severed security-related aid to Islamabad over charges that the country is harboring militants, signaling a further deterioration of relations with the longtime counterterrorism partner.