Michael Bennet

Sen. Bennet Blasts Warren for Dishonesty on Medicare for All

Medicare for All an 'empty promise' from 'coastal elites'

Presidential candidate Sen. Michael Bennet (D., Colo.) on Monday took aim at Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) for being dishonest about her Medicare for All plan, blasting her as a "coastal elite" for coming up with plans "that don't make sense in the middle of America."

Bennet: Democratic Base Doesn’t Want Medicare for All

Colorado senator warns his party about implications of Medicare for All

Senator Michael Bennet (D., Colo.), a struggling Democratic presidential candidate, urged his party and its supporters to not buy into the promises of Sen. Bernie Sanders's (I., Vt.) Medicare for All proposal. Bennet said the majority of the party does not support such a vast overhaul of the healthcare system in a podcast interview released Tuesday.

Joe Biden and the Great Awokening

Column: Can he survive the left-wing drift of the Democrats?

Joe Biden has led the national polls in the race for the 2020 Democratic nomination since last year. He's ahead in the first three contests, also, with leads ranging from 7 points (Iowa) to 13 points (New Hampshire) to 28 points (South Carolina). He's first in fivethirtyeight.com's endorsement primary. And though he didn't launch his campaign until the second quarter of 2019, at which point Bernie Sanders had raised the most money, his nonstop fundraising schedule, and great first-24-hours number, suggests that his second-quarter haul will be impressive. Going into tonight's Democratic debate, there was no reason to doubt Biden's status as the Democratic frontrunner.