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'Revolutionary Suicide': UCLA Psychiatrists Cheer Self-Immolation in Leaked Audio

Med school talk glorified self-harm, violated CDC guidance, experts say

April 12, 2024

Minority Contracting Comes to Medicine

Hospitals are giving minority contractors a big leg up on everything from medical equipment to cancer screening

April 4, 2024

Columbia University Hospital DEI Chief Is Serial Plagiarist, Complaint Alleges

Alade McKen plagiarized pages of material from Wikipedia

February 29, 2024

At Georgetown Med, the Doctors of Tomorrow Aren't Hiding Their Support for Terrorism

Future physicians must support 'the resistance' or find another career field, first-year med student Nicole Olakkengil says

December 21, 2023

How A Left-Wing Activist Group Teamed Up With Big Pharma To Push Radical Gender Ideology on American Hospitals

The Human Rights Campaign’s Healthcare Equality Index, bankrolled by Pfizer, is changing our medical care

May 15, 2023

'Child Butchers': Detransitioner Files First US Lawsuit Against Hospital That Performed Sex Change

Chloe Cole was a victim of 'ideological and profit-driven medical abuse,' lawyers said.

February 24, 2023

After Heated Public Hearing, Florida Board of Medicine Confirms Ban on Transgender Treatments for Minors

LGBTQ activists overwhelmed the hearing, shouting expletives and waving transgender flags

February 13, 2023
Sen. Josh Hawley

GOP Senator Calls for Investigation Into Missouri Transgender Medical Center's 'Sickening' Treatment of Children

Sen. Josh Hawley's investigation comes after the center's former employee released damning exposé

February 9, 2023