About That White House Dinner

White House dinnerCollege football’s championship team, the Clemson Tigers, had dinner at the White House on Monday night, and we’re still recovering from it—mainly because the photos are so shocking. The grinning president of the United States presiding over a meal fit for … well … hungry college football players?

Dems Demand Action on McDonald’s Case

Letter urges NLRB to press forward on controversial Obama-era investigation

Senate Democrats are pressing federal regulators to push forward on a controversial Obama era investigation into McDonald’s before the Trump administration can rule on the joint-employer standard.

Sriracha Goes Mainstream

Last year, McDonald’s test-marketed a Big Mac in Ohio. The special sauce was blended with sriracha, that now-ubiquitous condiment consisting primarily of red chili paste and vinegar, whose origins have been traced to Thailand (specifically the subdistrict of Sriracha in Chonburi Province).

In Defense of Ronald McDonald

Congressional Republicans introduce bill to counter Obama-era regulation reclassifying franchise workers

Congressional Republicans are attempting to reverse Obama-era labor regulations holding parent corporations responsible for actions undertaken by franchisees.

Trump Admin May Save McDonalds

Senior official indicates that new WH might abandon anti-franchise rules

A sign outside a San Francisco McDonald'sA senior Trump administration official indicated the White House will give employers more input into regulatory actions and is willing to abandon a controversial Obama-era rule on franchising