Lisa Murkowski

Begich Refuses to Take Position on Energy Tax Hike

Murkowski, business groups, labor unions oppose effort to roll back new tax structure

Mark BegichAlaska’s Democratic Senator refuses to take a position on a controversial state ballot measure that would dramatically hike taxes on the state’s energy companies.

Key Senator Says U.S. Office Can Lift Part of Oil Export Ban

(Reuters) - A U.S. government office has the power to approve exports of an abundant type of petroleum and help energy companies begin to partially bypass a 40-year ban on crude exports, according to a report released on Tuesday by Lisa Murkowski, the top Republican on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

Refinery Fight

Domestic oil refineries stocking up on lobbyists to fight lifting of ban on exporting crude oil

Some domestic oil refiners are fighting new measures that would be economically beneficial for the country as a whole but decrease their profitability, experts said.

CAP Selectively Quotes Reports to Bolster Oil Export Ban

Republicans call out liberal group for misrepresenting Congressional Research Service findings

Republicans criticized the left wing Center for American Progress at a Thursday Senate hearing for releasing a report that they say misrepresents the findings of studies on crude oil exports.

The Chuck Hagel Reality Check

Hagel’s misstatements, contradictory comments and wrong answers weaken Senate support for defense nominee

Senate opposition is growing toward former Sen. Chuck Hagel following his appearance before a contentious hearing of the Senate Armed Services Committee on his nomination to be secretary of defense.