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Controversial Columbia Law Review Article Subverted Standard Editing Process

Atypical editing process excluded Jewish students and led to board intervention

June 5, 2024

Biden Civil Rights Chief Calls Columbia Students 'Inspiration' in Graduation Speech, Ignores Anti-Semitism

Kristen Clarke makes no mention of anti-Israel demonstrations at university where protesters assaulted Jewish students and burned Israeli flags

May 14, 2024

Biden Civil Rights Chief Plans To Give Columbia Law Commencement Speech As University Cancels Main Ceremony

Columbia beset by anti-Israel protesters who called for killing Israel's supporters and assaulted Jewish students

May 8, 2024

Biden Civil Rights Chief To Speak at Columbia Law Commencement Amid Anti-Semitism Scandal

Kristen Clarke at center of her own controversy in which she invited author of anti-Semitic conspiracy theory book to speak at Harvard

April 29, 2024

Columbia Law Students Tell Jewish Classmates Police Presence on Campus Makes Them Feel Unsafe

‘Your safety shouldn’t be predicated on making others unsafe,’ says Aya Hashem

April 24, 2024

Columbia Law School To Host Speaker Who Charged Jews Benefit From 'White Privilege,' Creating Tension With 'People of Color'

'Many Jews—not all Jews, but the majority of them—are white, so they still experience white privilege,' says Fatimah Gilliam

April 5, 2024

Berkeley Student Group Shares Blood Libel Cartoon Targeting Law School Dean

Berkeley Law Students for Justice in Palestine depicts Jewish dean with bloody utensils

April 2, 2024