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Rep. Jerry Nadler

Dem Nadler Calls on DOJ to Review Rittenhouse Verdict

Judiciary chairman calls not guilty verdict a 'miscarriage of justice'

November 19, 2021

Biden DOJ Will Not Investigate COVID Deaths in Blue State Nursing Homes

Civil rights chief Kristen Clarke slammed probe of policies behind thousands of deaths

July 27, 2021

Dems' Top Impeachment Witness Is Pulling the Strings at the Biden Justice Department

Pamela Karlan garnered attention as an advocate for impeaching President Trump

July 14, 2021

Judiciary Committee Splits on Controversial Justice Department Nominee

Kristen Clarke's confirmation could depend on senators she's criticized

May 13, 2021

Kristen Clarke Regrets Attacking Senators Crucial to Her Nomination

Controversial DOJ nominee also admits she was fooled by hate crime hoax

May 5, 2021

Records Contradict DOJ Nominee's Testimony on Controversial Conference

Kristen Clarke moderated panel at pro-cop killer conference

May 4, 2021

Biden DOJ Nominee Conceals Ties To Anti-Semitic Professor

Kristen Clarke edited a journal alongside poet who blamed Jews for 9/11

April 30, 2021