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Document Scandal Puts Biden on Defense

Column: What's up with those docs?

January 13, 2023

The GOP Future Is Florida

Column: And resides in either Tallahassee or West Palm Beach

January 6, 2023
President Biden Hosts News Conference With President Volodymyr Zelensky Of Ukraine At The White House

Volodymyr Zelensky, Messenger of Peace

Column: Ukraine deserves U.S. support

December 23, 2022

SBF: Virtue-Signaling Scammer

Column: The crypto king used high ideals to mask low motives

December 16, 2022

Jeffrey Friedman, 1959-2022

Column: In memory of a great teacher

December 9, 2022
Christian Pulisic

Let's Beat Iran—Not Just at Soccer

Column: The nuke-pursuing mullahs richly deserve an actual defeat

December 2, 2022

Good Riddance, Madame Speaker

Making sense of Nancy Pelosi's Leadership

November 17, 2022
voting booth

Understanding the Underwhelming GOP Performance

Column: How Democrats defied expectations

November 9, 2022

Crime Starters USA

Column: The policies responsible for the coming Democratic disaster

November 4, 2022
President Biden On His Administration's New Actions On The Economy

Here Come the Investigations

Column: Congressional oversight spells big trouble for Biden

October 28, 2022