Iran Caught Stockpiling Enriched Uranium Needed for Bomb

Nuclear watchdog: Tehran 3.5 months away from weapon

A general view of a heavy water plant inThe United States has evidence that Iran is stockpiling enriched uranium, the key component in a nuclear weapon, in direct violation of international restrictions on Tehran’s use of the fissile material.

Looming Middle East Arms Race Sparks Fear of Unprecedented Regional War

Armed by Russia and China, Iran poses historic security threat, sources say

An Iranian military truck carries parts of a S-300 air defense missile system during a paradeThe impending expiration of an international weapons ban on Iran threatens to flood the Middle East with high-tech Russian and Chinese military equipment, a situation that senior Trump administration officials warn will spark an arms race and could ignite a massive regional war.

U.S. Mulls Repercussions for Europe’s Alliance With Iran

After Europe breaks with U.S. on Iran arms ban, diplomatic ties hit historic low

Multiple European nations’ diplomatic priorities may be on the line as the Trump administration examines a range of options to pressure these countries after their refusal to back the United States in its efforts to expand sanctions on Iran, according to current and former U.S. officials.

Trump Admin Confronts U.N. Over Iran Sanctions Impasse

U.S. says Europe ‘standing in the company of terrorists’

The Trump administration is moving forward with efforts to reimpose all international sanctions on Iran despite opposition from European nations who claim the United States does not have the authority to reinstate the contested economic penalties.