Hurricane Sandy

Preparing for Disaster

Government includes climate change in biennial list of at-risk areas within the federal government

Federal, state, and local governments need to better prepare for natural disasters, Rep. Darrell Issa (R., Calif.) said today at the unveiling of the Government Accountability Office’s High-Risk Series report.

Another FEMA Misfire

Report: Post-Katrina FEMA funds still unspent seven years later

More than seven years after Hurricane Katrina devastated the city of New Orleans, federal grant funds marked for a nature center in the city have yet to be spent, leading federal watchdogs to recommend the revocation of some of those funds.

Three Months Later

Hurricane Sandy’s destruction still apparent in ravaged communities

The destruction from one of the worst storms to hit the East Coast is still evident in many towns and cleanup continues three months after the storm made landfall.

Christie Craves Pork-Filled Bill

NJ gov slams House GOP for failing to pass Sandy bill stuffed with pork barrel spending

New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie attacked House Republicans for failing to pass the $60.4 billion Sandy relief bill despite glaring special interest spending and opposition from his own party.

The Post-Sandy Christmas

FEATURE: Holidays are hard for homeless Sandy victims

Many Hurricane Sandy victims are finding little to celebrate this holiday season: The super storm devastated their homes and they are finding elusive the ability to return to normalcy in time for Christmas. The upheaval is compounded by FEMA’s ineffective response.

Obama’s Broken Promises
to Sandy Victims

Sandy victims still struggling to find warm housing

Six weeks after Sandy hit the New Jersey and New York coast residents are still struggling and are in desperate need of shelter. Many hard-hit victims are not getting help despite President Barack Obama’s pledge of the full support of the federal government, and they are dealing with red tape that the president said would not be tolerated.

Flailing FEMA

Sandy-ravaged communities dealing with cold and lack of housing while FEMA trailers sit idle in PA

Dozens of residents are still living without heat, hot water, or electricity in condemned structures flooded by both sea and sewer water in the Gerritsen Beach community of Brooklyn after a request to FEMA for temporary housing after Hurricane Sandy was denied.

After Sandy: The Long Road Ahead

Some still without power after two weeks in NY and NJ

Life is approaching a new normal for many in New York and New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy slammed into the northeast two weeks ago. Lingering destruction, however, means it may take months to rebuild.