Iran and the Palestinians: Bonded Through Hate

The relationship goes back decades, with the Palestinians playing an important role in the Iranian Revolution

When one reads about how Iran's aggression in the Middle East causes so much chaos, remember that the Palestinians helped build that machine of war, more than four decades ago.

Incoming Lawmakers Briefed by Netanyahu, Tour Hamas Tunnels Into Israel

Republican Denver Riggleman says trip to Israel has been 'eye-opening experience'

Denver Riggleman IsraelA bipartisan group of incoming members of Congress were given a security briefing by Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a trip to the Jewish state. Republican congressman-elect Denver Riggleman, an Air Force veteran, says the visit served as "Israeli history basic training."

CNN Commentator Endorses Palestinians Using Violence to Resist Israel

Lamont Hill uses Palestinian nationalist phrase: 'Justice requires a free Palestine from the river to the sea'

Liberal CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill defended violent Palestinian attacks against Israel on Wednesday, employing a phrase common among those who reject Israel's right to exist: "Justice requires a free Palestine from the river to the sea."