Grover Norquist

Taking on Crime

Conservatives push for criminal justice system reform, say it saves money while reducing crime

Texas faced a choice in 2007: spend billions on new prisons to house its convicts or find creative ways to deal with criminals in the state.

Cleaning Up the Fiscal Mess

Panel discusses policy solutions, limitations in fighting the fiscal crisis

A quartet of conservative panelists looked at the challenges of being the minority party in a divided government during a Saturday afternoon panel at the National Review Institute Summit titled, “The Way Out of the Fiscal Mess.”

Boehner’s Plan B

House leadership to push for plan making permanent tax cuts for 99.81 percent

House GOP leadership will try to implement its so-called “Plan B” for the fiscal cliff on Thursday despite repeated veto threats from the White House, protests from Senate Democrats, and vocal opposition from conservative groups.

Grover’s Kingdom

Anti-tax crusader becomes focus of fiscal cliff talks

Grover Norquist is either an irrelevant, “random person” or the fire-breathing puppet master of the Republican Party and the only thing standing in the way of a solution to the nation’s fiscal woes, depending on who you ask.

Republicans: No Secret Meetings

GOP pols urging leadership to conduct budget negotiations in public

Republicans understand that their political leverage is significantly diminished following their electoral drubbing earlier this month, but some fear that the secretive, high-level nature of negotiations underway risks further undermining the GOP position.

The Fiscal Cliff is Coming

Dems, GOP stake out negotiating positions on looming fiscal cliff

Democrats and Republicans staked out negotiating positions this week over the so-called fiscal cliff as Congress prepared to adjourn for the Thanksgiving recess.