Golan Heights

Israel Refuses to Relinquish Golan Heights in Face of ISIS Threat

Cruz: ‘America Stands With You’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised on Sunday that the Golan Heights territory in northern Israel would “forever remain in Israeli hands,” prompting an immediate endorsement from Republican presidential contender Ted Cruz, according to comments offered to the Free Beacon.

Opening the Golan Front

Hezbollah leader says terror org ready to wage war on Israel

A senior Hezbollah leader said the Iranian-backed terror group is ready to wage war against Israel in the Golan Heights.

Iran Steps Up Rhetoric

REPORT: Iran urges war on Israel’s northern front

Iranian officials are believed to be encouraging the Syrian army, Palestinians, and its terror proxy Hezbollah to launch an attack on the Golan Heights, Israeli territory that borders war-torn Syria.

Another Casualty of the Syrian War

Report: Israel-Syria peace deal fell apart after outbreak of civil war

JERUSALEM—Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was close to a draft peace agreement with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad two years ago by which Israel would withdraw completely from the Golan Heights and Syria would sever its alliance with Iran, according to the daily Haaretz.

A View from the Heights

With Syria in flames, Israelis are happy they held on to the Golan Heights

JERUSALEM—Ari Shavit, one of Israel’s most influential journalists, made the four-hour drive up to the Golan Heights from Jerusalem last month and parked on high ground overlooking the broad plain stretching towards Damascus, 35 miles to the east.