Fiscal Cliff

An Unbalanced Approach

How Obama's opening bid stalled the fiscal cliff talks

genderThe opening bid in negotiations over the so-called fiscal cliff delivered to Congressional Republicans on Thursday by President Barack Obama was neither balanced nor indicative of a party that is particularly concerned about reducing the deficit despite claiming to favor a “balanced approach” to solving the country’s fiscal crisis.

The Crony Cliff

Risk of cronyism, corruption in fiscal cliff negotiations

Some see a danger of political cronyism and corruption arising from the back room deal underway as Congress negotiates with the White House to avoid the fiscal cliff.

No Cut Left Behind

Sessions urges leaders not to exceed spending caps in Budget Control Act

A top Republican is insisting that party leaders retain more than $2 trillion in spending cuts agreed to in last year’s budget agreement, as negotiations over the so-called fiscal cliff heat up.

Republicans: No Secret Meetings

GOP pols urging leadership to conduct budget negotiations in public

Republicans understand that their political leverage is significantly diminished following their electoral drubbing earlier this month, but some fear that the secretive, high-level nature of negotiations underway risks further undermining the GOP position.

Forward to the Fiscal Cliff

GOP, Dems confident deal can be made

Lawmakers kicked off negotiations over the so-called fiscal cliff at the White House on Friday with both sides expressing optimism that a deal could be reached before the end of the year.

The Fiscal Cliff is Coming

Dems, GOP stake out negotiating positions on looming fiscal cliff

Democrats and Republicans staked out negotiating positions this week over the so-called fiscal cliff as Congress prepared to adjourn for the Thanksgiving recess.

After the Storm

Column: No matter who wins on Tuesday, America faces great challenges

Can we pause from our hypomanic poll checkups? Can we stop tweeting about the early vote? Is it possible in the final days of this close election to step back and reflect, if only for a few moments, on the challenges that will face whoever is elected president on Tuesday? I’m as guilty as the next pundit of obsessing over the fight between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. My nerves are fried. I’ve been freebasing poll crosstabs like an addict. But the fiscal, economic, and foreign policy crises that will likely unfold in the coming months cannot be ignored.