Honolulu Files Suit Against Energy Producers for Climate Change Damages

Joins other cities suing Exxon, BP

ExxonThe mayor of Honolulu is adding his city to a list of governments suing major energy producers such as Exxon Mobil and BP for damages related to climate change even though courts have proven reluctant to wade into such matters and translating those damages into hard dollar amounts is nearly impossible.

No, Kamala Harris Did Not Sue Exxon Mobil

Harris inaccurately touted environmental record at CNN climate town hall

Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris inaccurately claimed during Wednesday's CNN climate town hall that she sued oil giant Exxon Mobil.

Scientist Group Catalyzes Gov’t Suits Against Energy Companies

Nonprofit offers to cover expenses for government officials' speaking appearances

ExxonThe nonprofit group Union of Concerned Scientists continues to operate behind the scenes to encourage, promote, and orchestrate positive publicity for government lawsuits against energy companies, according to emails obtained via open records.

Gas Guzzling DC Threatens Oil Companies

D.C. may sue oil producers despite buying million gallons of fuel in 2018

The District of Columbia municipal government is exploring an environmentalist lawsuit against oil providers despite buying more than 1 million gallons of gasoline in 2018.

Advocacy Group Pays Conference Fees for Mayor to Promote Energy Lawsuits

Santa Cruz mayor will tout lawsuit against Exxon to other mayors

An environmental advocacy group is paying the registration fees for Santa Cruz mayor Martine Watkins (D.) to attend the United States Conference of Mayors Summit in Hawaii later this month, where Watkins will speak in favor of governments suing large energy producers over climate change.

NY AG Can’t Call ‘Goldman Sachs’ in Exxon Trial

October trial between energy producer and state of NY carries major ramifications

If Exxon were found liable for not accurately defining to investors the company’s risks of future regulation because of climate change, other suits would likely follow in other jurisdictions.

NY AG’s Office Hiding Climate Activist’s Emails Behind Whistleblower Defense

Activist attorney has led charge for state legal action against 'Big Oil'

The New York attorney general's office is trying to use a whistleblower defense to keep emails between their office and a third-party attorney sealed and out of public view, despite the person at issue's active efforts to persuade governments across the country to sue large energy producers.

Fisherman’s Association Suing Over Climate Change Refuses Questions on Its Greenness

Director has ties to congressman who asked for AG investigation into Exxon

The Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen's Association (PCFFA), which is currently suing dozens of energy producers for damages resulting from climate change, has refused to answer multiple inquiries from the Washington Free Beacon about the number of fishing boats in the association that have gone green or to detail other "green" changes members of the group may have made. The majority of the nuisance lawsuits currently being brought against major oil companies have been from governments—usually coastal, but not always—like Rhode Island, Baltimore, and California cities like San Francisco and Oakland.