Fisherman’s Association Suing Over Climate Change Refuses Questions on Its Greenness

The Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Association (PCFFA), which is currently suing dozens of energy producers for damages resulting from climate change, has refused to answer multiple inquiries from the Washington Free Beacon about the number of fishing boats in the association that have gone green or to detail other “green” changes members of the group may have made.

The majority of the nuisance lawsuits currently being brought against major oil companies have been from governments—usually coastal, but not always—like Rhode Island, Baltimore, and California cities like San Francisco and Oakland.

Lawyer: D.C. Climate Suit Could Accept Investment From Hedge Funds, Per Contract

A D.C.-based attorney and associate with the Cato Institute says the contract being offered by the district asking for a legal team to take up a contingency-fee based suit against energy producers like Exxon has a clause allowing the law firm or team to sell their proceeds of a judgment in advance to investors or a hedge fund.