AEI Report: Americans Are Getting Older and Dying Younger

A recent paper on American demographics bodes ill for the country's economic and social health. The report by Lyman Stone, adjunct fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, finds that while the American population is becoming older, life expectancies of working-age people are declining. This trend, in tandem with the straining of the country's institutions, has serious implications for America's future.

Financially Unstable

GAO Report highlights skyrocketing costs of entitlements,
Obamacare’s failure to contain costs

The Government Accountability Office (GAO)’s annual audit of the government, released Thursday, raises serious concerns about the federal government’s long-term financial stability and the effectiveness of Obamacare’s cost-curbing measures.

Obama Hearts Entitlement Reform

The president has not always been so dismissive about efforts to save the country’s unsustainable entitlement programs. Both as a candidate for president in 2008 and at various points throughout his first term, Obama has highlighted the urgent need to reform federal entitlements.

The Mark of Kaine

$22B budget and pension deficit could hurt Tim Kaine’s Senate chances

Former Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine left the state with a $22 billion deficit when he departed office in 2010, according to a Washington Free Beacon analysis.