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Beshear Appointee Scrubs Tweets That Called Kentucky Voters Homophobic Bigots

'If you support Trump you're a bigot. Just claim it,' left-wing writer Silas House said in 2019

May 18, 2023

What's the Matter With Wisconsin?

Column: The GOP's suburban problem

April 7, 2023

Meet the 'Defund the Police' Advocate Chicago Just Elected To Deal With Its Crime Spike

Chicagoans voted out Mayor Lori Lightfoot over surging crime. They replaced her with someone who called 'defund the police' a 'real political goal.'

April 5, 2023

Soft-On-Crime Supreme Court Nominee Wins in Wisconsin

Janet Protasiewicz defeats conservative Dan Kelly

April 4, 2023

Here Are the 7 Most Dangerous Criminals Released By Wisconsin's Liberal Supreme Court Candidate

Janet Protasiewicz under fire for light sentencing record ahead of Tuesday's election

April 4, 2023

Woman Slams Liberal Wisconsin Supreme Court Candidate for Letting Off Her Abusive Ex-Husband

Janet Protasiewicz gave just six months to repeat felon who went on to shoot at ex-wife 19 times

March 31, 2023

'Three Years Is Not Enough': Liberal Wisconsin Supreme Court Candidate Ignored Victim's Plea To Lock Up Serial Sex Offender

Janet Protasiewicz gave no additional prison time to offender who assaulted underage girl while on parole

March 23, 2023

Liberal Candidate in Wisconsin's Supreme Court Race Touts Endorsement From Anti-Police Group

Citizen Action Wisconsin, which lobbies to end cash bail and abolish enforcement of drug crimes, endorsed Judge Janet Protasiewicz

March 14, 2023

Allowing Non-Americans To Vote Would 'Enrich' the 'Concept of Citizenship,' Dem Councilwoman Says

Comment from Elizabeth Warren alum comes as Boston debates whether to permit noncitizens to vote in local elections

December 13, 2022