Documents Reveal Ecuadorian Government Organized Protests on U.S. Soil

Foreign Ministry’s chief of staff recruited expats to rally outside of legal proceedings in D.C.

Chevron signThe government of Ecuador organized protests that took place outside the building where a legal dispute between the South American nation and oil giant Chevron was being hashed out, documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon reveal.

ICC Won’t Prosecute Chevron

International court’s lack of jurisdiction deals blow to environmentalists’ campaign against U.S. oil giant

Chevron signThe International Criminal Court this week rebuffed efforts to charge oil giant Chevron with violations of international law, dealing another setback to environmentalists engaged in a decades-long legal and political battle against the company.

Ecuador’s PR Firm Sues Sharon Stone

MCSquared PR alleges actress absconded with $275,000 for government-funded anti-Chevron event

Sharon StoneA public relations firm representing the government of Ecuador sued Sharon Stone in federal court on Tuesday alleging that the actress absconded with a large speaking fee for work promoting that government’s long-running legal and political battle against oil giant Chevron.

Ecuador Moves to Block Disclosure of U.S. Propaganda Activities

Government attempts to prevent court discovery of documents at its U.S.-based PR firm

Rafael CorreaThe government of Ecuador is attempting to prevent the release of information related to its contract with a New York-based public relations firm that may have violated federal law and is under investigation in the South American nation.

Top Ecuadorian Officials Under Investigation Over Shady US PR Work

Ecuador’s communications secretary and ambassador to the US summoned to give testimony

Chevron EcuadorEcuador’s top law enforcement officer is investigating the roles of two senior government officials, including the country’s ambassador to Washington, in a controversial public relations contract in the United States.

The Dark Side of Green Justice

Review: ‘Law of the Jungle’ by Paul Barrett

Chevron signForget “all this bullshit about law and facts,” remarked Steven Donziger in 2007. “In the end of the day, it is about brute force.” Donziger was a plaintiffs’ attorney attempting to extract billions of dollars from oil giant Chevron—by whatever means necessary. His observation on the role the “law and facts” played in his work nicely captured the character of the years-long campaign of fraud, bribery, and extortion he conducted on behalf of his clients.

For Ecuador’s PR Firm, Celebrity Backing Carries Hefty Price Tag

MCSquared paid more than $500,000 for Mia Farrow, Danny Glover junkets

Danny Glover, Mia Farrow in EcuadorA public relations firm’s legally suspect work on behalf of the Ecuadorian government included hundreds of thousands of dollars paid to talent agencies representing prominent celebrities who traveled to the country to bemoan environmental damage there.

Correa-Tied Anti-Piracy Firm Targets Reporters Investigating Ambassador

Days after Ecuadorian news outlet exposed potential corruption, Ares Rights filed a copyright complaint

Ecuador's President Rafael CorreaAn anti-Internet piracy firm with ties to the government of Ecuador, and its president Rafael Correa, on Friday filed a copyright complaint against a news organization that days earlier exposed potential corruption by the South American nation’s ambassador to the United States.

Firm Discloses $6.4 Million PR Contract With Ecuadorian Government

Disclosure comes after admission of potentially illegal propagandizing for socialist regime

A New York City public relations firm has registered with the Justice Department as an agent of a foreign government a month after the Washington Free Beacon raised questions about the legality of its undisclosed work on behalf of the Republic of Ecuador.