Economic Recovery

Taxpayer-Backed Electric Car Company Closes U.S. Factory

Government watchdog recommends DOE wind down controversial program

Critics of Democrats calling for additional subsidies for electric vehicles are pointing to the financial troubles of one stimulus-backed car producer that just announced it is closing its U.S. plant.


Transparency website is rather opaque

The website launched to track spending tied to the stimulus bill is riddled with incomplete data and excludes companies that have become politically inconvenient for the Obama Administration.

The Wisconsin Boom

State economy soars after collective bargaining fight

Wisconsin has pulled back from the brink of fiscal insolvency after Governor Scott Walker's collective bargaining and budget reforms, despite doomsday warnings of fiscal disaster.

Optimism Run Amok

As unemployment stagnates, claims of economic recovery premature

The Obama campaign’s claims of economic growth in 2012 may be premature based on the leveling off of weekly unemployment benefit applications, according to the New York Times.