David Vitter

Senate Judiciary to Grill Obama’s AG Nominee

Republicans will challenge Obama administration use of executive actions

Loretta LynchThe Senate Judiciary Committee will hold two days of hearings starting Wednesday to consider President Obama’s nominee for Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, and Republican members will use every opportunity to challenge the Obama administration’s executive actions on a wide range of issues.

Congress: Military Left Out of Space Arms Control Talks

Not consulted on proposed code of conduct, ban on anti-satellite weapons tests

The State Department is pursuing space arms control agreements without formal coordination at the Pentagon and two members of Congress warned yesterday such an accord would undermine U.S. national security.

Bill Cassidy Campaigns on Veterans Issues

Sens. McCain, Vitter join Republican for Louisiana event

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana—Senators John McCain (R., Ariz.), David Vitter (R., La.) and dozens of veterans rallied for Republican senate candidate Bill Cassidy at the USS Kidd and Veterans Memorial in Baton Rogue on Monday, arguing that Cassidy is the best candidate to meet the needs of veterans.

GOP Senate Majority Would ‘Ramp Up’ Green Group Oversight

David Vitter vows to continue investigating environmentalist ‘billionaire’s club’

Senate Republicans’ top environmental watchdog is determined to intensify oversight of leading environmentalist groups, which he says are orchestrating a massive, coordinated political effort financed by a handful of billionaire activists.

Senator: Clinton State Dept. Broke Law, Lied About Boko Haram Terror Threat

Letter: Reports to Congress on Boko Haram terror threat intentionally misleading

Hillary ClintonA leading senator has charged that Hillary Clinton’s State Department broke the law by intentionally obfuscating and downplaying to Congress the terror threat posed by the Nigerian extremist group Boko Haram, which recently gained international infamy for violently kidnapping more than 200 schoolgirls.

‘God Bless the Koch Brothers’

Patriotic American and U.S. Senator David Vitter (R., La.) pushed backed against the Democratic Party’s troubling pro-cancer agenda this week by defending libertarian philanthropists Charles and David Koch, calling them “two of the most patriotic Americans on the face of the earth.” "I'll be honest with you. My reaction is God bless the Koch brothers, they’re fighting for our freedoms," Vitter said at an event in Shreveport, La., on Tuesday in response to a constituent’s question about the nefarious “Kotch” brothers. Evidently, that constituent is unfamiliar with the Democrats’ bitingly clever slogan: “Republicans are addicted to Koch”—pronounced “coke,” as in the drug cocaine, which is addicting.