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Left-Wing Behemoth Arabella Advisors Quietly Added a Seventh Group to Its Dark Money Web

The Telescope Fund will help top progressive donors steer hundreds of millions of dollars to Democratic causes.

February 22, 2024

Jon Tester Wants to Ban Dark Money. But Not Until It Helps Him Win.

Shady super PAC meddling in Montana GOP primary bankrolled by Schumer dark money group, filings show

February 1, 2024

Chuck Schumer Is Behind This Mysterious PAC Meddling in Montana's GOP Primary

Last Best Place PAC has spent millions of dollars attacking GOP frontrunner Tim Sheehy

January 26, 2024

Biden's Favorite Super PAC Quietly Alters Incriminating Financial Disclosures Following Free Beacon Report

Future Forward used an illegal scheme to conceal its donors, experts say

December 6, 2023

This Anti-Israel Terrorist Organization Found A Home In A Left-Wing Nonprofit

Samidoun is an arm of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, according to the Israeli government

November 16, 2023