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The Daily Beast’s Flawed Justification for Doxxing a Private Citizen

One of the norms of journalism in the Internet era is a hesitation against "doxxing," revealing the identity or personal details of those who request anonymity. There are times when the newsworthiness of someone's identity trumps that hesitancy, but in general reporters recognize that unnecessary doxxing runs the risk of exposing subjects to hate, abuse, or even violence.

Daily Beast Reports GOP Wants to Jail Liberal Women, Forgets to Provide Evidence GOP Wants to Jail Liberal Women

Mitch McConnell

One of the lead stories on the front page of the Daily Beast yesterday was headlined “It’s Not Just Antifa: Now GOP Wants to Lock Up Liberal Women.” This immediately confused me, and not just because the awkward phrasing initially made me think Antifa wants to lock up liberal women. I was mostly confused because Daily Beast reporter Kelly Weill is evidently the only reporter who managed to hear multiple Republican leaders call for the incarceration of liberal women.