Concealed Carry

Oklahoma Teachers Training for Concealed Carry Permits

Education group: ‘For our members, it’s the last line of defense’

gun fightOne public school district in Oklahoma announced that six of its teachers are training for concealed carry permits and more schools may soon follow suit, according to a state educators’ association.

D.C. Metro Says It Follows Local Laws on Gun Carry

Comments from WMATA contradict D.C. Council chairman

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) has no internal policy on the carrying of firearms within its system and follows the laws of the jurisdictions it operates in, according to a spokesman.

Meet the Men Behind the Latest Gun Rights Lawsuit in DC

Three plaintiffs, backed by Second Amendment Foundation, sue for right to carry

Unholstered GunA group of men denied concealed carry permits in Washington, D.C., under the city’s new permitting process, which was adopted after Judge Frederick Scullin Jr. ruled in Palmer v. District of Columbia that its outright ban on gun carry was unconstitutional, have filed suit against the district.

DC Issues Only 16 Gun Carry Permits

After federal judge orders city to comply with law, .000025 percent of residents approved to carry

The District of Columbia continues to issue gun carry permits at a slow pace, handing out only 16 since Federal Judge Frederick Scullin, Jr., declared the city’s ban on gun carry unconstitutional last July.