Colin Kaepernick

Black Clergy Take Aim at NBA and Nike for Chinese Slave Labor

Clergymen condemn corporate China ties, human-rights abuse, and looting

A black Detroit pastor is teaming up with other minority clergymen to condemn Nike, the National Basketball Association, and other multinational corporations for supporting the Black Lives Matter movement while profiteering from slave labor in China.

ESPN Host Blasts Network For Discouraging Political Talk

Jemele Hill tweets support host's criticism

ESPN host Dan Le Batard ripped ESPN's "weak-a—" policy that its hosts refrain from discussing politics and blasted President Donald Trump and his supporters for the "send her back" chants during his radio show yesterday.

Harris: Russian Bots Started Kaepernick Controversy

‘It was actually not a thing,' until Russian bots amplified message, Harris alleged

Sen. Kamala Harris (D., Calif.) suggested the controversy over Colin Kaepernick’s National Anthem protest would not have occurred without the assistance of Russian bots sharing the story on social media platforms. 

Patriotic Shoe Suggestions for Americans Who Love Their Country As Much As They Love Owning Libs

Do tread on these

There’s a new Nike controversy involving a shoe the woke corporation assumed would be a charmingly patriotic way to cash in on the 4th of July holiday spirit. The shoe in question, which featured the original version of the American flag designed by Betsy Ross, was ultimately #cancelled after complaints from Colin Kaepernick, among others, that the flag was offensive due to its association with slavery.