How Obama’s Taxpayer-Funded ‘Clean Coal’ Project Could Kill EPA Regulations

Taxpayer-funded project’s financial woes could boost legal case against power plant emissions rules

coalA “clean coal” project with behind-the-scenes backing from top administration officials and nearly half a billion dollars in federal subsidies intended to support the case for stringent environmental regulation may instead show why those regulations are illegal.

Liz Cheney: End the War on Coal

Wyoming congressional candidate makes fossil fuels central to campaign

Wyoming Republican Liz Cheney is making coal a centerpiece of her congressional campaign following massive layoffs at two of the largest coal mines in the state that were announced earlier this month.

Strickland Celebrates Endorsement From Anti-Coal Group

Group that lobbies to keep energy sources 'in the ground' backs Democratic candidate for Senate

Ted Strickland lauded his recent endorsement from the League of Conservation Voters Action Fund, the political committee of a green energy group that lobbies against coal-fired power plants.